Scaling an excel worksheet to print to an A4 page landscape/portrait

I am able to export a TAdvStringGrid to excel. But when I want to print this worksheet some columns are on the next page. Is there a way to print this worksheet to an A4 page landscape or portrait? There is a option in the printer settings in excel "fit to page" - this option would be perfect to set it default for the export.

I'm not sure how exactly you export to Excel?
Via grid.SaveTOXLS(), TAdvGridExcelIO or via TMS VCL Grid Excel bridge?
At this moment, there isn't a property that controls the printsettings for Excel from the export routine.

Thanks for the reply. Yes with TAdvGridExcelIO.

This setting isn't added to TAdvGridExcelIO at this moment.
I suggest to add this on the features request list. We'll consider this when there is sufficient interest.