Saving Grid to PDF


I am creating a simple two column grid from a TListView.

Unsure which component to use TTMSFMXGridPDFIO or TTMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO.

If I use TTMSFMXGridPDFIO this is fast and works fine on iOS but on Android I get the error "No PDF Renderer Library Assigned".

If I use TTMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO it is 10 times slower and contains nonsense (looks like non-unicode strings).

Advice please?



TTMSFMXGridPDFIO requires a PDF rendering lib, which exists for iOS (wrapper around OS PDF rendering API for iOS) but sadly, not for Android.

TTMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO works on all platforms and does not depend on operating system APIs. We are not aware of such a big performance difference. Did you test our sample apps? If the problem is unique to your application, could you provide more details on number of rows in the grid, type of text used in the grid, font used, if the problem is different on different platforms,..

The grid consisted of 3 rows and two columns of just a few words of text each. But as I also said, i produced rubbish as the string values, whereas the text produced by the

TTMSFMXGridPDFIO control was fine.


  1. Did you test our demo? Is it working with our sample?
    2) If the problem persists, can you send by email the problematic PDF file so we can investigate this?

Hi Bruno,

None of your demos seem to use a TTMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO.


Sorry, I found your demo UGridDemo in the PDF folder which does have a

TTMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO. I added a TTMSFMXNativeUIDocumentInteractionController so that I could view the PDF and that displays ok so the problem must be at my end. However, I can confirm that when running under iOS the TMSFMXGridPDFCreatorIO1.Save(pth) does take more than 10 seconds on an iPhone 6.


We'll investigate this further based on info sent by email.

Have you managed to make any improvements in the speed issue and the need to set the font under iOS?