Saving DBAdvGrid layout

I am new to TMS, I have been looking in the docs and the forum and have not found anything to put im in the right direction.  Normally when working with a dbgrid in a database application, i would save the grid layout via stream to a longtext or blob in a control table record for that user or workstation etc.

I am implementing the TMS gid to a database where I am allowing the users to created records for a detail portion of a master/detail relationship.  I would like to allow them to resize columns and rows as they please according to what works for their displays.  I would then want to save the layout of the grid to a datafile (mysql) for that particular user (and one for each job, not that it matters).
Then when the user goes back to that master record, load the format for the grid for the detail records how they had it arranged.  Hope that makes sense.  I don't want the contents, just the layout and formatting.
Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks, Damon

This is basically how i do it for dbgrid:

procedure Torderlist.FormShow(Sender: TObject);
  cstream : tstream;
  //set grid to user profile from employee table.
  cstream := tstream.Create;
  gridQuery.Sql.Add('select olistgrid from employee where Id = '+inttostr(dldata.empid));
  gridquery.Active := true;
  if not gridquery.FieldByName('olistgrid').isnull then
      //showmessage('got data in blob');
      cstream := gridquery.CreateBlobStream(gridquery.FieldByName('olistgrid'), bmRead);
    end else
    {  set default column widths here. }
    gridquery.Active := false;

Since TDBAdvGrid descends from TAdvStringGrid, this sample for TAdvStringGrid should also apply to TDBAdvGrid:

Thank you Bruno.  Works great.