SAML 2.0 or AzureAD Login

Has anyone implemented a SAML 2.0 or AzureAD login for a Web Core App?

Just looking for a starting point.


Sorry, we have not used this here yet and as such, no experience with it yet.

I'm really interested in this functionality too as we have an upcoming project where the user will be authenticated via Azure AD. I think this will return us an OIDC token (although I'll need to check)
We will also need to create SAML tokens to load third party content via the WebBrowserControl (which is a wrapper around html iframe).

The content we are displaying in the iframe is a health care related portal, so the requirement for secure access is top of the design checklist.
Currently the third party prevents embedding of their content with an "X-Frame-Options" header set to "SAMEORIGIN". They will relax this for our domain only if we can provide a SAML token to prove that the referrer header has not been faked.

I'm interested too Azure AD OAuth login (SSO).

Maybe Microsoft msal library: Microsoft identity platform authentication libraries | Microsoft Docs