Azure Active Directory SSO with webcore?


We are looking to see if WEB Core could be an answer for a certain project we want to realise.
We never used core before so you we are checking if it would fit our requirements.

One important requirement is that we need Azure AD to be the authentication system for the application, like we already do for our ASP.NET projects.
There, our users don't even have to log in,into our applications if they are already logged in on Office 365. (Single-Sign on)

Is this feat feasible with WEB Core?
If so: how?

Thank you

We have not implemented this ourselves yet, but according to the Microsoft documentation , it is possible to have a JavaScript SPA use the Azure AD for authentication.

Given that the end result of a TMS WEB Core is a JavaScript SPA and that TMS WEB Core can also directly perform JavaScript calls, it should be possible to implement the flow presented in the Microsoft documentation in a TMS WEB Core app.