Runtime .html templates required for each form as / Web Core

Upgrading web application project from Web Core to we noticed the output web application is trying to load form as html resource on runtime. As the resource does not exist it fails with 404 (html is not generated by compiler). Html for each form was not required on runtime before this version. How can we fix this problem? Is Bootstrap required now - why?

We have some units/forms (like uLogin.pas, uLogin.dfm) that are located in subfolder relative to project root folder.

example code:
LForm := TfrmLogin(TfrmCommonClass(LLoginForm.FormClass).CreateNew(
procedure (AForm: TObject)
//the error pops up here
//http://localhost:8000/AppName/uLogin.html 404 (Not Found)
LForm.Popup := True;
LForm.PopupOpacity := 0.2;
LForm.OnModalResult := procedure (AValue: TModalResult)
if AValue=mrOK then

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  1. Bootstrap is not required, only optional
  2. A HTML template per form was the default before and was always included. In v1.9.8.0 we introduced direct forms, explained here: TMS Software | Blog in the video. Between and there were no changes done with form HTML template handling

We have been using "Direct Web Forms" aka forms without additional html template for over a year now but the output web application broke only recently (could be version but we noticed it later). There is no visible difference in project between direct web form and units/forms we are already using. The default logic changed from without mandatory html template to (with mandatory html template) when we create the form by code. How do we create "direct web form" by code since now it requires html template?

Application.CreateFormDirect() creates the form without HTML template.