RTF files and RTE files in TTMSFNCRichEditor

I want to be able to use the TTMSFNCRichEditor component but loading an RTF file and it doesn't seem like this capability exists. Why do I want to use an RTF file? Well at its root, RTF files are text files and I have various RTF template files that I have tags where I can search and replace the tags (placeholders) with actual data (like name, date, other specifics, etc.). Once the S&R is done, I want to be able to load it in the editor. Is there some way to do this? I see I can copy & paste content from an RTF editor like WordPad but can I programmatically load this from RTF?

You can use TTMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO for saving & loading RTF files in TTMSFNCRichEditor

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