Load TMSFNCRichEditor from database table

I have a VCL application using AdvRichEditor loading and saving content in a database table via a DBAdvRichEditorRTFIO component.

I have tried to create an equivalent form in FNC and can get the table loaded in an TMSFNCGrid using a TMSFNCGridDatabaseAdapter but unable to get the same RTF data loaded in the TMSFNCRichEditor.

I have tired live bindings to but don't seem to be able to find the correct options, but can display the RTF data in a TMSFNCEdit

At this moment we only have a TMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO and not a DBTMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO.
So, you'll need to do this manually. Load the DB field value to a stream and then load this stream via TMSFNCRichEditorRTFIO.Load(stream);