On right-click over the TMSFMXSpeedButton1 component, I don't get the ability to select either “edit custom style…” or “edit default style…”....according to the documentation on pg. 93.  With VCL, it is usually design packages not installed, but I believe they are (maybe not correctly... but installed via the subscription manager).  Any ideas how to resolve?



Are you using the latest version, and did you create a FireMonkey HD Project, or a FireMonkey Mobile project?

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I am using the latest version of the component suite based on what is being reported in the Subscription manager (

I had created a new FireMonkey mobile project.  Is this ability only available in the HD Project?


Embarcadero disabled this feature for mobile app development. It is only available for FireMonkey desktop apps.

It's great. This problem is the same as mine. How can I in this case change the style of a TMS Fm component? I cannot change not even the color of a TMSFMXBarButton... This missing feature makes TMS components unusable for mobile apps...

Is there any workaround?


You can edit the style on a Windows application, and then copy the stylebook and the component to a mobile application. Assign the StyleBook to the form and the component should take over the modified style.

Additionally you can style each component through the OnApplyStyleLookup event where you can programmatically access each element.

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Yes, I've already tried. What do You mean under copiing the component to a mobile application?
I made a MyTest Style book under Desktop HD, took it and connected to the form in the mobile application. But at the Stylelookup property of the same component (TMSFMXBarButton) the dropdown list was empty. If I fill out the Style name property, there are no changes at the appearence.

Please follow these steps to have styling capabilities on a mobile application:

1) Drop a TMSFMXBarButton instance on a FireMonkey HD project.
2) Right-click the TMSFMXBarButton1 component and select "Edit Custom Style".
3) Copy both the StyleBook1 and the TMSFMXBarButton1 to a FireMonkey Mobile project.
4) Assign the StyleBook1 to the StyleBook property of the form.
5) The TMSFMXBarButton1 should have TMSFMXBarButton1Style1 as a StyleLookup property.
6) opening the stylebook editor for the StyleBook1 instance, should allow you to customize the TMSFMXBarButton1.

What do You me under copiing in Point 3? 
Copiing the StyleBook as a file? Or drag and drop between the 2 projects opened at the same time?
And TMSFMXBarButton1? 

Select both the StyleBook1 and the TMSFMXBarButton1 and right-click one of them, select Copy.

On the new mobile project form, right-click, Paste.

Thanks for the fast answer. Is there any possibility in the future to handle it simplier? I really don't understand, why Embarcadero makes our work so complicated. Is there any reason, that in the mobile development this feature is locked?

It is unclear why Embarcadero removed this possibility, but it seems that editing the style is available again in XE7. In XE7 the possibility exists to design one form, for all platforms. So you can simply customize your Windows application, and change the platform target to iOS / Android instead of creating a new project.

When do You plan to support XE7 in TMSFM componet set?

As soon as possible.
Embarcadero did again multiple breaking changes in the framework, so we need to address all these one by one, preserving backwards compatibility with XE5 & XE6 in the process, so not exactly an easy task.

As usually...