Is this component useable for mobile apps (Android)?  Without access to the style elements it doesn't seem possible to configure the number of visible LEDs, LED size, etc.

I must be missing something?

This certainly might apply to other components as well but I'm trying to use the LED matrix at the moment.

I have been able to implement the popup and the spinner component in an Android app with no problem.



Unfortunately in a mobile application (Android, iOS) there are no styleability options anymore. Embarcadero has taken away this option. You can style the component on windows and then copy it to an iOS project.

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Well, that's doable.  Bad on Embarcadero though.

Is it as simple as changing the Target Platform in the project manager to "32-bit Windows" or do I need to create a "dummy" Win app, design the component there, then copy-n-paste it to the Android app?

Looking for the simplest way to keep the process flowing.

Thanks for the quick response, great product(s).

It doesn't appear that simply changing the target platform will work but I was able to create a Win app and get the style set up there.

I can't seem to copy the MatrixLabel and the StyleBook in such a way as to successfully move the style changes.

The MatrixLabel looks correct in the IDE but in the running app it looks like the default.  (I'm trying to decrease the number of digits to 8.)  The MatrixLabel appears correct for a brief second when the app starts up but it almost immediately reverts to the default look.  The app is not accessing the label in any way yet.

This is an app that already has a StyleBook for the entire look. 

In the Android app I can't find any obvious way to link the MatrixLabel component to the StyleBook that generated in the Win app.  The StyleLookup property dropdown does not have any items in it the way it does in the WIn app.

Thanks again.

Did you set the StyleBook property on the form in the mobile project?

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Well, it would help if I knew what I was doing with styles.  Your question got me down the right path.

- Design the style in the dummy Win app and save the style.
- Open the Android app and "Add..." that saved style to the single style book that the app is already using.
- The new is now available in the StyleLookup property for the MatrixLabel.

I was trying to add another StyleBook component to the app just for the Matrix Label.  This is wrong.

Many thanks.  Great support.