RichEditor : Paste from Word


I have to copy/paste formatted text from winword to an richeditor componant; and it works great.

However I have an option to copy/paste this formated text as a plaintext. I tried to use events
"OnPasteFormattedText" and "OnPasteText" to do that.  but these event are not triggered, specially  OnPasteFormattedText.

So how can I do this conversion troughout clipboard ?


I assume you refer to copy in Word and paste in TAdvRichEditor?
If you want to accept it as plain text only in TAdvRichEditor, you can  set

AdvRichEditor.ClipboardFormats := [cfText];

Default, it will first check if Word did put RTF on the clipboard and use this and if not, fall back to plain text.

It works, great


PS maybe to add into the FAQ ?

We added it to the FAQ