Reverse engineering - crashes silently

On my Win7, 64bit computer when i try to reverse engineer my MySQL database I first got error on missing libmysql.dll... someting about path. So i entered d:\xampp\mysql\lib and ...\bin to path

Now when I try to reverse engineer database I just shuts down the data modeller with aout crash report or warning.
Happens if i press test connection, or next (after entering connection info)

Hello Rolf,

it's hard to tell what's going on without any error message. Is it possible that you provided a path for the 64-bit version of the libmysql.dll? Are you sure that the client is the correct one?

Don't think it's 64 bit. Found 3 different versions of dll under xampp. Tried to change wich to load first, Without any results. Removed all, and when I only added D:\Local\xampp\php to path i succeded.