Resize image before saving


I have one question - is possible to programmatically resize a captured  image before saving it in the DB?

The reason is that mobile phones create huge images and there is no need for such detail, but if I create a 2x smaller image (in X and Y) it will use 1/4 of space in the DB and still be very usable.

Using latest WebCore ( TWebCamera.

It is possible with some JavaScript at this moment.
Something easier to use from Pascal language will be in v1.3

Ok, I will wait for version 1.3, is there an estimated release date?

Alternatively - how to insert JS into delphi code?

// Pascal code
  // insert your JavaScript here

// Pascal code

is this implemented in 1.3? If yesm could you show me the usage?

There is the method WebImageControl.ResizeImage(Width, Height) and the result of the resizing can be retrieved via WebImageControl.URL that will contain the resized image as base64 encoded image.

Thank you