I have two suggestions for TWebImageControl properties:

1. AspectRatio
2. Stretch

This would greatly increase the usability of the control, I have the example when I don't know the image format and it's almost impossible to format the image to be correctly displayed for each case.

I would also recomend a new procedure ImageResize(NewX, NewY: integer). This could resize the image to the new format. The reason is to later store the image in a lower format. An example would be an application where users tahe photos from their phones and the images are unnecesarily big, so they could be shrinked to a fixed format before saving them to the DB.

Hope the suggestion is good enough to get implemented.

Here's the jquery example:

So, do I understand correct that you allow to set an URL for the TWebImageControl but you do not know what kind of image will be set? And you then somehow want to persist the image that was set in a DB?


I want to allow the user to take a photo (or pick it from the library on the phone) and save it to the DB via a form.

We'll investigate to add capabilities to make handling this scenario easier.

v1.3 will come with additional methods to do stretching (with aspect ratio) and obtain the base64 string for images that you can persist in a database.

Great! I will be happy to use it :)

When will 1.3 be available?

We aim for the 2nd half of November