Resize Bug in TAdvSmoothTimeLine ?

Hallo Guys,

i have stumbled over an issue in your great TAdvSmoothTimeline Component. When i resize or move a TimeLineSection and change after that the range of the whole TimeLine in the TimeLineSectionChanged -event (not in changing-event)  the TimeLineSection don't resize to the new range. When i resize the Window or click on the SizeGrip of the TimeLineSection the TimeLineSection resize to the correct size. I try to call Repaint, Resize and so on, but not success. 

Are you using BeginUpdate and EndUpdate wrapper around your statements, these are necessary for runtime updates.

Kind Regards, 
Scheldeman Pieter

Yes, i use Begin and EndUpdate. In the Application where the Error occurs, i change the underlaying Object in the SectionChanged Event, Clear the complete Timeline (all Sections and Indicators, resize the Range) and ReFill the Timeline with the new ObjectData.

I try to reproduce this in an DemoApp and the Error is the same.
Try it with one Timeline and one TimelineSection. Run it and resize the Section. Then Click the Sizegrip of the Section again.
procedure TForm1.TimeLine1SectionPositionChanged(Sender: TObject; section: TAdvSmoothTimeLineBarSection; StartTime, EndTime: TDateTime);


Thank you for your investigation, we are able to reproduce this here and we are still investigating what might be the cause.

Scheldeman Pieter

Can you verfiy if the issue is solved with    

   AdvSmoothTimeLine1.SetTimeLineRange(Starttime -20, EndTime + 20);

Sorry, the issue is the same. The Size of the TimeLineSection is not correct. If i resize the TimeLine or Click the SizeGrip, the size of the TimelineSection is set to the correct Size.

Hello again, have you catch the Bug?

This is on our todolist for investigation and a solution has not yet been found.

Kind Regards,
Scheldeman Pieter

Have you found a solution for the Resize-Bug?

Unfortunately we have not found a solution for this issue, we have classified this as a todo.

This works as expected here with the latest version:

Could you send us your sample that demonstrates this issue?