RemoveAllNodes takes looooong...

I have a AdvGrid with nearly 10.000 rows or more. It also has nodes. If I want to clear it with RemoveAllNodes and Clear and all the nodes are collapsed this takes several seconds. That is why RemoveAllNodes expands all nodes. Is there a chance to get it faster? My customer doesn't want tp wait these seconds.

You can try it with the AdvGrid-example asg11. Expand the cars.csv to nearly 10.000 items and reload the file with a new button in the program if the nodes in the grid are collapsed.

There is not directly a setting available that can speed this up right-away.

We would need to investigate this if we can optimize this in some way.

We are also facing the same issue with similar row counts (few hundreds to few thousands). Any news on this topic?

Unfortunately TMS doesn't offer a solution. So we thought about the problem and our solution is to create the grid again every time we have to fill it and free the "old" grid in a thread.