Remove confirmation dialog

I need to create a new item in the twebplanner by clicking on a cell,  but the system show me a confirmation dialog ¿It is possible to remove this dialog?

Thanks to all
Delphi 2009 Architect  -   intraweb 10.0.23

You can remove the confirmation dialog by setting the ShowConfirm property to false.

Please note you will have to press the Insert key after selecting a cell to actually insert an item.

The next release of the TMS IW Planner will contain a fix for this so you will no longer have to press the Insert key to add an item if ShowConfirm = false.

Thank you Bart for you reply.

Planner is used by many people that I know, and they are very satisfied with this control.
In my programs I used with firebird for to save items of planner and works fine.