Planner Edit - cancel removes Entry

I found a strange behaviour in Planner - and finally the solution.

Sometimes (not always !!!)  cancelling the custom edit window, the entry disappeared

During debug i found, that the 'remove' event was triggered instead of cancel but why?

You are using TLabel - which have a STRANGE behaviour in FMX. AutoSize does ONLY work, if WordWrap is turned OFF !!!!  so - the Autosie had NO effect and was Triggered, when overlapping the cancel area. Please ADD following code:
function TTMSFMXCustomPlanner.GetEditingDialog:

    FButtonOK := TLabel.Create(FBottomPanel);
    FButtonOK.Visible := False;
    FButtonOK.Parent := Self;

    FButtonOK.Text := TranslateText(sTMSFMXPlannerOK);

... accordingly to Cancel and remove - and voila - no 'eaten' entries anymore

Please change! everywhere - you are using TLabels as Controls ...

regards from Switzerland


We have applied a fix for this, the next version will address this.
Thank you for your feedback.