Registered Download versions

Probably a stupid question but what is the difference between "Latest registered version" and "Latest registered version for Delphi 10.2 Tokyo Starter Edition"?

I assume that the latter is (maybe) specific to Tokyo, but it is larger than the former - and the previous versions I have downloaded match the latter in size.

I want to be able to cover XE6 and Tokyo.


Tom B

If you are not using delphi Starter, just download the normal version.

Delphi Starter doesn't have command line compilers, so we can't compile the dcus at install time when installing. This means it must include all precompiled dcus, and that is why the size is larger.

With the normal registered versions there are just .pas which get compiled to dcu at install time, the "delphi starter" version includes the dcus. But also, as the dcus (and .lib/.a for mobile) libraries use so much space, and delphi started only supports win32, we only include the win32 dcus and only for Tokyo. While the normal setup can be installed from XE to up, and in all platforms besides win32.

So in short: The delphi starter version is only if you are installing into Delphi Tokyo starter, because you can't run the normal installer there. For all the other cases, use the normal installer.

Thanks, Adrian.