Refresh a Pivot table


  I have a template with a pivot table. When I update the details the pivot table does not get updated. Is there anyway to refresh the pivot table once the new data is put in the details?


FlexCel by itself won't calculate or refresh the new table, but you can set the pivot table to "refresh on open" so it refreshes when you open it in Excel.

I'll quote the doc in the "pivot tables" demo (note that FlexCel for VCL doesn't have this demo yet, it is only in FlexCel for .NET at the moment):
Xls Templates: Excel saves a cache data for opening the pivot faster next time, and you can't use this on FlexCel because it is not implemented (FlexCel does not calculate the data on the pivot table). So, on the template, right-click the table, select "Don't save on open”, and deselect "Update on open". Note: FlexCel will make this automatically in xlsx templates, so you don't need to do it.

Thanks, that solved my problem