I need to refresh a predefined XLS files with a couple of pivots.
What is the best way to refresh this data, without having a direct connection to the back end data server.

I would basically like to fetch the data using C# and then populate/refresh the sheet

Any help appreciated

FlexCel doesn't refresh or calculate the pivot tables themselves, but if what you want to do is just to populate the data, you could do it with a report, as in the example "Modules\20.Reports\80.Pivot Tables"

Would this example be something like you are looking for, or is it something different?

Hi Adrian, 

Many thanks.
Yes this looks like it. Is there any possibility of us having a chat using Skype, as there is one or 2 thingswrt this demo that I would like to ask

Kind regards

Sadly we can't offer skype support: On a typical day I answer from 5 to 10 questions (mostly by email), and doing so via skype would mean getting interrupted all the time and never getting work done. When answering email or the forums, I can schedule time to do it and still leave time to do development only. Skype requires you to be there at the exact moment the other guy is there and likely stop what you are doing to answer the call.

If for the question forums aren't the best, you can always send me an email to adrian@tmssoftware.com