Recieve SQL-Statement using Criteria

Is there an easy way to recieve the SQL-Statement, that is generated internally without executing it?

As Far as I see, TObjectManager uses TSelecter to create SQL-Statements.
Reading you comment:
// SelectBegin could return a TSelectCursor, and SelectFetch could get it, so it would be a better approach.

lets me guess, that this could be possible but is not yet implemented.

You can use event OnSqlExecuting event to intercept the SQL statements executed by Aurelius.

I will not execute the SQL-Statement, I just need the SQL-Text that is generated, so that it can be used for different tasks.

As I mentioned in other Tickets we use DevEx VCL - Components.
There are some performanceoptimized Grid components that only need an SQL statement for fetching datas in a real fast way.

But using these Components requires SQL-skills. We are using Aurelius for every Database communication. So our developers know how to get data using Aurelius.

For this it would be amazing, that we could just do it the way, everybody knows and got the generated SQL.

You can maybe use the SimulateStatements property?

But SimulateStatements is in global configuration, as you wrote before, so it could effect other ObjectManager running in other Threads, right?

Yes, that is correct. If this feature solves your needs, you can create a feature request to allow SimuleStatements property to be available per manager.