Direct SQL queries

I read that there is a way to do direct SQL queries using the Aurelius connect and still take advantage of the Aurelius DB access layer.


uses {...}, Aurelius.Drivers.Interfaces;

  Statement: IDBStatement;

Statement := Manager.Connection.CreateStatement;

However the compiler complains that symbol "CreateStatement" is unknown.  

I need a clue on how to proceed next.

Hello Jon,

Is Manager a TAureliusConnection component or TObjectManager object?
If it's a TAureliusConnection, then you should use it this way:

Statement := Manager.ObjManager.Connection.CreateStatement;

AMgr.ObjManager.Connection.CreateStatement compiled.  

But how do I put the result into a TAreliusDBdataset?

Sorry for the noob questions. 

You would have to do it manually. Easiest way would be creating an object to hold the values, and manually instantiate and fill the object properties from the dataset values.