Read Body of procedure declared inside script

Hallo. I have made a project with a simple form with a button. I have implemented the OnClick event of the button. (When the button is being clicked , a popup message displayed with the message ( Hello World ). I am trying to get the event body (in this specific example the sentence showMessage('Hello World') ). Can i do this? Have you any project doing this? This issue is very crucial to me, so I am looking forward to hearing from you

Thank you

I have attached some images and a sample project

fProgram Run (1.2 KB)

You want to get the full source code of the fired event at runtime?
I don't think it's possible here, what is the use case for that?

Dear Wagner, I am trying to use the results of your designing mechanism (files ssproj, psc , sfm ) for creating the form with firemonkey (assign the respetive events ) in runtime. And as you know vcl dfm's and firemonkey fms's are not SO similar.... but source code is....

That is why i need the source code of the firing event, and it would be very helpful if there would be a way to take the source.

There is no way to do that.