re: TWebCamera

Hi ,

1. why when i insert ElementID , which found in my HTML template 
    <video id="camera-stream"></video> , and cannot compiled , delphi
    threw , 

    [Error] take_photo.pas(1): Incompatible type arg no. 1: Got "String", expected "TComponent"

    without be able to use the elementID, i am not sure how to use my html template and make the TWebCamera following the element defined in the html.

2. how can i do the take photo , save photo feature using the TWebCamera demos ? 

will that be possible for the TWebCamera default TMS Wencore demos to enhance with the how do take photo ?


Hi , i have managed to reposition the Webcamera component into the desire div block using appendTo of jQuery but now , i faced another issue of the WebCamera,

i placed the component on a page and it is a child form , when i close the child form and go back to 
main form and then open the child form again , 
the WebCamera won't work anymore and it complainted that , duplicated webCamera1 error , 

and i manually assigned the elementID during my page contruction because i need to know the
id of the WebCamera , in order for me to move it to the desire div block in my template.

Can i check Is it because WebCamera , did not destroy properly ? do i need to manually call destroy for it ? please advice , thanks.


Hi , still having issues with TWebCamera , finally , go back to the HTML to call direct navigator.mediaDevices.getUserMedia , so not using the TWebCamera. thanks.

There seems to be a lot of things involved in what you do with the camera.
It would be helpful if you could provide a sample source test project with which we can reproduce the problem here, so we immediately have the exact right code / steps. Otherwise; from your description, it is quite hard to determine how exactly you did setup things.

Hi , 

to reproduce one of the issue 
1. drop a TwebCamera to a form ,
2. enter value to elementID , i.e. camera1 
3. compile it , will get the compilation error.
   [Error] take_photo.pas(1): Incompatible type arg no. 1: Got "String", expected "TComponent"
   and cannot compile .

We applied a fix for this already. The next update will have this fix.

Hi  , 

thanks, another case , is that if i put the Camera component on a child form ,
when i close the child form and then reopen the form , the Camera component won't work
and it my console , it reported that , "duplicated" ,
i even tried to call destroy during form destroy but not working , when we reopen it. 

please advice, thanks.

We tested TWebCamera in the demos MultiForm & FormHosting on the subform and in both demos we could not see any issues. What are you doing different?