Rad Studio 10.2.2

Before I upgrade can you please tell me if your current version is compatible?



Given the amount of products we have, we can't just have them all tested within hours after Embarcadero released it.
Embarcadero released this as a fully backwards compatible release, so we don't expect issues. The developers here and several customers how already have installed 10.2.2 have so far not detected any 10.2.2 specific issue.

Thanks, I think. It seems that there are some internal changes as DevEx, Steema & Devart are having to do new releases of their products

The first we have seen being affected is TMS Flexcel and we plan a release for TMS Flexcel today.

I think we have an issue in TTMSFMXDirectoryTreeView too.  Loading the drives if you don't pass true for expanding them works fine.  Expanding a drive fails with an access to memory location zero.


We still need to allocate time to investigate this here. Please avoid 10.2.2 until the issue is resolved.