Question about Relationships


How can I create a one to one relationship ? So far DataModeler allows only one to many relationships.

How can I change the relation type from "Non Identifying" to "Indentifying" ?


Hi Stephane,

An "Identifying" relationship in Data Modeler is a one-to-one relationship. But you must remove the existing one (non-identifying) and create the new one.


I created an identifying relatioship and want to have a 1:1 relation, but I always get the second table as a list in the main class

In Data modeler

Relation details:

In the Aurelius windows I already seeit's gonna be a list:

In Aurelius code:

property Stats: TList<TDocStat> read GetStats;

How can I force the relation to be 1:1 ?

That's how it's supposed to be in Aurelius. The only different is the you know the list will only have 0 or 1 item, so you can create wrapper properties to retrieve the single item from the list.

Ok, I understand. I tought that was making some error :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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