Aurelius Export InheritanceStrategy


is there a way to have inheritance strategies when we export to Aurelius?

If yes, what is the way to have for example a [Inheritance(TInheritanceStrategy.JoinedTables)]?

Vrachiolis Nikos


if you have a 1:1 relationship in Data Modeler, it can optionally be created as inheritance instead of composition, yes. There is such option in the Export To Aurelius dialog.


found it! Perfect!

Thanks a lot

Hi again,

I've defined an identity relationship but it cannot consider it as an 1:1 relationship as stated on documentation (page 60). Am I missing something?


I cannot see a reference to is in page 60 of the documentation. Can you please explain with more details what is happening?

I am trying to set a 1:1 relationship on data modeler between two classes. The problem was that I had 2 fields on primary key, after removing one and leave only the foreign key works like I want. So consider it as solved.