Query hidden input values loaded in a POST method from TMS Web Core app

Hi there,

Our TMS Web Core application will be part of a bigger application which calls it after user authentication. To work properly, the TMS Web Core application must receive some parameters from the bigger one and this one shares that parameters to Web Core application using hidden input values in a POST method with the action pointing to Web Core app as it's shown in code below:

        var form = $('<form action="' + "WebCoreApp.html" + '" method="post">' +
        '<input type="hidden" name="'+ arg +'" value="' + parameters + '"></input>' + 
        '<input type="hidden" name="'+ arg2 +'" value="' + parameters2 + '"></input>' +
        '<input type="hidden" name="'+ arg3 +'" value="' + paramenters3 + '"></input>' +

We cannot pass parameters via URL query parameters (parameter values has sensitive data) and the approach given in this post (Post data access?) doesn't work for us (some parameter values let us establish where backend server is to make the needed requests for the Web Core application).

Is there any secure way in TMS Web Core to query parameters given by the authenticator application when Web Core application is launched?

As far as I know, the POST will submit the POST DATA (hidden input values) to the server returning the page for WebCoreApp.html but the server won't pass this data to WebCoreApp.html. So, your web core app cannot somehow access these values from the server (unless you create an endpoint to query these) or access these hidden input values from the previous page.
If you want to communicate these values in a secure way between these two pages, the best method is to use local storage. Instead of performing a submit, set the values in local storage and perform a navigate to your WebCoreApp.html