POST Data Access?

I know we can access URL query parameters, but is there a way to access POST'd parameters?


Not sure I understand your question.

I guess you want to access a specific part of the HTTP POST response? If so, what exact part?
If I have a page that has a form and the method of that form is POST, and the action points to the page that contains my Web App, there won';t be any "query" params in the URL as all the params of the form were sent via POST.

I have also discovered that if I have a document dosomething.html and my web application is accessed inside an iframe in this document and I set src="project1.html?num=21115" for the iframe. that the Query param here is ignored, as it will only access the query param's from the parent of the iframe, in this case doseomthing.html.

Trying to figure out a work around, post data is processed on the server side and won't be available to the client side due to the way the page is being served. Will need something on the server side to inject the data needed to the client side (hidden input tags most likely).

Also, may have the iframe portion working, not sure why it wasn't before.

Thanks for informing, POST data is indeed processed server side and normally the server can return data in response to this POST that the web client received and can do something with client side.