Qrcode decoder without screen

Dear all,

I have several buttons on screen and run on 32 bit android device. I just bought tms fnc wx pack and if I add the qrcode decoder component, it will have black screen on android device, nothing display even the several buttons too ! If I removed the qrcode decoder then normal . What happened? Not support 32 but device ? I use Samsung A13 which is 64 bit cpu but 32 bit kernal.

Pls advice.

Thanks a lot.


Did you add the required libraries to your project? See the guide for that here.

Do you see any errors appear along with the black screen? Which IDE and Android version are you using?


Any updates or any solution ? As I cannot run the TMS demo on my android phone. All black screen display and nothing display on android phone and without errors or warning.

What happen ? Almost give up to use this tools if no solution...

Did you follow the guide my colleague refers to? You need to add JavaScriptHelper.jar & FNCWebChromeClient.jar to the Libraries folder in your project for the Android target. Also, please target 64 bit, 32 bit is no longer supported.


I added the web..jar then ok. But the camera is use front-camera ! also very slow in speed.

BTW, a lot of people still using 32bit android device. how come ?

Google announced that for future and new devices, 64 bit applications is the way to go.

Can u arrange to refund money to me as your package mentioned support 32 bit too but now no more support ?


  1. where did you see what mentioning?
  2. contact us by email for further handling