Property to disable Button hints

Dear TMS Support,

I am currently not able to disable the button hints unter ButtonSettings even if SHowHint of the AdvOfficePager is NO.

Also changing the hint captions do not work because the values are set during create of the AdvOfficePager.

From my point of view either the default values should not overwrite the vaues set at design time or ShowHint of the main component should also take an effect on the button hints.

Best would be to add a new property to disable button hints and take care to be able to set the hint captions from inside the object inspector.

A simple workaround is to replace all lines like

FCloseButtonGlobal.ShowHint := True;


FCloseButtonGlobal.ShowHint := ShowHint;

to be able to disable hints.

Thanks in advanced
Tiemo Vorschuetz