AdvOfficeHint: show hint for enabled=false control

I would like to show the control Hint even for disabled controls. I know it is not the normal behaviour, but end-users will be thankful.

I have tried to get the ControlAtCursor in the AdvOfficeHint OnBeforeShowHint event, but something is wrong. I can get the current DISABLED TAdvGlowButton under the cursor, but hint is not displayed if the button is in a TAdvToolBarPager->TAdvToolBarPage->TAdvToolBar.

It would be nice if you can add an option to 'ShowHintForDisabledControls' in the TAdvOfficeHint.


The issue is that it hooks into the VCL hint system and at this level, hints are not triggered for disabled controls, so it won't be trivial to somehow change this default VCL behavior. We've added it on the list of things to investigate deeper.

Hi, Bruno

Thanks for considering it

I have been investigating and I was able to show the hint for disabled buttons using suggestions found here:

I could even change hint color/title if button is disabled (like Microsoft Office does), but for some reason, it doesn't work if the button is inside an AdvToolBar in a ToolBarPager AdvPage.