property DataImageField

Hello TMS folk,

I have a dataset with a Integer field. This Integer field I want display as a image. But it won't work!
Where is my error? Can you explain it please...

What I do:
-Add all dataset fields to the DBAdvGrid Columns, first assigning the DataSource
-Add a TImageList and fill some pictures, 16x16 ColorDepth is cd32Bit
-Assign DBAdvGrid.GridImages to the Imagelist
-Set DataImageField to True, for the Integer Column

The Grid displays only the Integer value, but not the image...

I set the property DBAdvGrid.ShowPictureFields to True... No Effect!

I use TDBAdvGrid version for Delphi XE7...

Can anyone help me
Thanks and best wishes from Germany

Did you have a look at the demo ADODataImage in the DBAdvGrid samples folder that demonstrates exactly this use?

Hi Bruno,

yes I have a look to the example...
But I can't find my problem.

In my dataset is an integer field with values between 1 and 5. I set the DataImage property of the gried column to true. Insert  five pictures (JPG) to the ImageList. Set the property GirdImages (TDBAdvGrid) to the ImageList.

But nothing happens. I see only the field value ...
I see the same in your example... But there I see the Images!

Can you explain me my mistake?

Thanks a lot

It would be best that you contact us by email and include a test project with which we can reproduce this issue so we can see where you made a mistake in the setup of the component.

Hello Bruno,

after some research I found the problem.
The database field was a largeint field on DB side. I cast it to an integer and then it works fine.

Is there for you a way to support largeint fields too?
Thanks a lot

Thanks for informing. We've improved the component to make it work with LargeInt.

Next update will have this improvement.