progress line in tms fnc gantt chart

Can I draw "progress line" or "tracking line" in TMS FNC Gantt Chart?

By default the progress is drawn as a this, based on the progress property (0-100) of the task :
The colors and strokes can be changed via the Appearance properties.

If you want another visualisation, you can always manipulate the drawing with the custom drawing events.

Thank you for your reply.
The word timeline was a translation mistake from Japanese to English.
The line I want is the red line in the image below.

It is a vertical line that allows me to see at a glance whether the progress of each task is delayed, on schedule, or further ahead.
Is it possible to draw this type of line in TMS FNC GANNT?

For the moment this is not possible.
We will add it to our feature requests and check if and when it would be feasible to implement.

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