Problems with the Color at ActiveRowShow


We are using the Component TDBAdvGrid and we set the following properties different from standard:

  •  ActiveRowShow = true
  • Pagemode = true
  • MouseActions.DisjunctRowSelect = true
  • Options.RangeSelect = true
  • Options.RowSelect = true

When you now click on a row, it gets selected, but every cell in this row gets the active color, except for the first cell or the cell that currently has the focus. Does anybody have an explanation or solution for this problem?

The issue is that for a non-focused cell, the active row color has priority over the selected cell color.As you have goRowSelect = true already in grid.Options, not sure why you want to combine this with ActiveRowShow as both have overlapping functionality?

Has the solution been found?

The solution is to either set goRowSelect = false or set ActiveRowShow = false. Using both at the same time causes on one side the selected row to use the selected row color and on the other side to use the active row color. So, these are conflicting settings.