Problems with Edge Detection when using Map Component

i am trying to use the Maps Component on Windows (Delphi 11), and noticed 2 problems.

1.) class vars can not be published (according to what i found), i am not sure if this is only related to Delphi 11, but i had to change

class var FEdgeLocation: string;


class var FEdgeLocation: string;

for my Application to even Compile

2.) Is an error that only popped up after the new Year (happy new Year btw)

After looking into the code a bit it seams that the relevant command (WMIC DATAFILE) does return "No Instance(s) Available"

WMIC.exe PRODUCT where "NAME='Microsoft Edge'" GET Name,Version /value

Returns (very slowly):

Name=Microsoft Edge
the msedge.exe prior (pf / pfa) has been detected correctly.

Anything i can do to fix this issue?

~Best Regards

p.s. Updating to the newest Component Versions did not fix the issue
I had an misunderstanding on what was executed, the return of the first command is 'Version=96.0.1054.62' it seams that "CreateCoreWebView2EnvironmentWithOptions" seams to fail in some manner. It returns: -2147024894 (Pointer?); S_OK is at 0
Lines (TMSFNCWebBrowser.Win) 1362 (call) 1372 (Error)
edit2: i can set EdgeSilentErrors to disable those annoying popups, but of cause that just means that the map doesn't work at the end.


We are not able to reproduce the compile error. It seems strange that this pops up in your IDE. Related to the error, please copy the latest DLLs from the Edge Support folder as well as install the evergreen runtime from this link: WebView2 - Microsoft Edge Developer

is there a possible reason why this suddenly stopped working without any code changes?

Microsoft automatically pushed out updates which were no longer compatible with our implementation. Therefore we recommend to use the runtime, in combination with the latest version of the Edge DLLs. (125.4 KB)