Problems Opening CSV File Using Flexcel......

Hi Adrian,

I'm having problems opening a client's csv file using Flexcel. There are ~21k rows in the file yet Flexcel only imports about 15.5k. And Flexcel doesn't report any errors when importing the file. Excel opens the file with no problem, and all 21k rows are imported. It looks like the file has been generated by (which many of our clients use), so I wouldn't expect it to be corrupt (but possible). 

Is there any way of sending this to you to see what's going on? I don't want to provide a direct link on a semi-public forum as it's real address data.




Normally CSV files have encoding issues. To be more concrete, FlexCel defaults to think the file is in UTF-8, and files with Windows Encoding (normally Win1252 for western countries) fail to open.

Make sure to read: especially the part about the encoding. What is likely happening is that at row 15.5k you have some non-ascii character, and when the UTF8 decoder in delphi finds a character that can't possibly by UTF8, it just stops there.

If you can't still open the file using Win1232 encoding, you can send it to and I will take a look.