Problem with WebResponsiveGridPanel

please see video here :

I have tried various settings for Align, Anchors, width, height etc etc on the HTMLContainer and WebImage

The rates tab works as expected.

Style width 578 1fr, width768 1fr 30%

What are the correct settings I need please.



I have uploaded

Some issues I can't seem to cure.

  1. On Home tab. I cannot get the animated gif to go below the HtmlContainer. When reduce '1fr'
  2. Rates tab. Is there way to auto size the row height to word wrap / shrink grow as needed.
  3. Contacts tab. I can't apply any margin-left to the HtmlContainerContactButtons.
  4. Contacts tab. I can't apply remove the padding / margin from WebPanel3.


Steve W

It's really time-consuming to try to reverse-engineer here based on the generated HTML and not knowing anything about the components used here and their property settings.
I propose to isolate this and provide a sample source project and explain in detail what the desired outcome is and what the bug is you see in our component(s)