Problem with Styles in FNC - FMX project


I was doing a test with FNC into a "Multi Platform project" trying to apply some different style and I did not get good results.

You can download the example project from here

I tried with 2 styles:
1) MetropolisUIBlue works bad

2) Dark style works fine

Any advice to get work fine the "MetropolisUIBlue" and other Metropolis Style?

We'll investigate this here as soon as possible.

This issue is still valid!

This leads to strange effects in FNCCheckedTreeView:  No checkboxes are visible in some  cases.
Reproducing is very easy.
- Take the Treeviewdemo.
- Drag the TMSFNCCheckedTreeView Component on the form.
- Checkboxes at design time are visible
- Now run it and checkboxes are no visible anymore


We have investigated this here and applied a fix, the next version will address this.