Problem with CheckGroups - TAdvOfficeCheckGroup and TTMSFNCCheckGroup

I'm using TTMSFNCCheckGroup in a WebCore apllication.

Then I adapted some forms to a VCL-Styled application.
While a TTMSFNCCheckedListBox works fine when AdaptToStyle = True, TTMSFNCCheckGroup doesn't.

So I tryed to replace it with a TAdvOfficeCheckGroup. This neither works well with VCL Styles.
This is what happens:

  • The title checkbox only turns visible when you mouseover the control.
  • When checkbos position is set to left, it shows over the title caption. If you set it to right, it shows too closer to the text. Could solve adding spaces to the caption, but yet I have the previous topic that the checkbox is invisible until we move over the control.

BTW, what should happen when one sets Action to caDisable or caConstrolsDisable ? Nothing happened when I used these.

We fixed the issue with the caDisable, caControlsDisable action in TAdvOfficeCheckGroup.
We also fixed the VCL Styles handling for the groupbox caption.
Next TMS VCL UI Pack update will have these improvements.