Problem with AdvGlowButton font color

I think there is a bug with the AdvGlowButton font change.

- using delphi 7.1
- windows 7

Changing the font color at runtime of a AdvGlowButton doesn't work until you force the button to be repaint.

To reproduce:
Drop an AdvGlowbutton on a form and keep all default properties.
Create another button that will change the first button's font color at runtime (AdvGlowButton1.Font.Color := clRed;)

When you change the font color of the button, it will stay black until it has to repaint itself (call invalidate, hover over it, etc...)

Is this a bug or is there an option I need to enable to get the expected result (instant color change)?


We traced & fixed this issue. The next update will address this.