problem to display images in report template

My report purpose is generate name list with QR code. i had loaded the datalist from database , then call a function to generate qrcode image for every row and store in datalist.
In the report template, i had defined a column for QR code (column M), but when execute the report, the qr code column shown "system.byte[]" only.

visitorList.template.xlsx (19.2 KB)

The template seems to be a little different from the screenshot, so I am not sure it is the correct one, but some ideas:

  1. Images in FlexCel work by adding an image to the template, and then naming the image as something like <#exhibitorVisits.QRCode>

You have an image in the template, but it has no name:

To work, it should be something like the one in the example Images (C# / netframework) | FlexCel Studio for the .NET Framework documentation

In this second example <#photo> is defined in the config sheet as:

You do have a <#photo> expression in the config sheet, but it doesn't seem to be in the image. Maybe it is just an old template that you sent, but I wanted to make sure you have that correctly setup.

  1. In the code, is the field "qrcode" in the datatable of type byte[] ?
    You are getting a "System.byte[]" string, this means that somewhere the bytes are converted into a string. The most likely reason is that the db column is not a blob type. Take a look here:
    c# - How can i add image in a datatable? - Stack Overflow

Let me knows if that works, if it doesn't I'll try to make a little example here and send it.