Problem installing VCL UI Pack

Hi - I am currently running Delphi 10.4 and 11 on my machine, and have just downloaded the latest VCL UI pack available.

I uninstalled the previous version first (as instructed by the installer), then ran the new version, which only gave the option to install for Delphi 11. The installation reported no problems.

This has left me with two problems:
1 .. When I run Delphi 11 and place a TAdvStringGrid on the form, it has the text 'TAdvStringGrid trial version Sep, 2021' on it.
2 .. Delphi 10.4 no longer has any TMS components available.

Any help would be appreciated!

Matt Jackson

If you get the trial message, it looks like you installed the trial version.
Please uninstall the version you have installed and login on our website and navigate to Account / My Products and download from there the full registered version and install this one.

Ok well I thought I had gone in that way, and the executable certainly didn't mention it was a trial version when I ran it.
But I will try again when I can,