After installing newest version the components are still old

I installed the VCL UI Pack and when I start Delphi 2010 of XE5, I still get the old component versions.

After installing I uninstalled the old version of the TMS Component Pack.
When starting Delphi the first time I told to remove the reference to the old pack.
I see that I have got the new source code.

Do I something wrong, do I miss anything?

Thanks for your response.

When you install TMS VCL UI Pack, you first need to uninstall TMS Component Pack.
Verify that all TMS Component Pack components are removed from the system and only then, install TMS VCL UI Pack.

I now uninstalled TMS VCL UI Pack also (after I earlier uninstalled TMS Component Pack) and saw that in Delphi no TMS components were visible.
I installed it again and still the version of new added TDBAdvGrid is

How can I see if all components are removed from the system?
Or how can I see that I have the new components, despite of the version number?


TMS VCL UI Pack latest version should have TDBAdvGrid v2.5.1.9.
Is this the TMS VCL UI Pack version you installed? The installer shows the version when you install.

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