Priority of tasks


Suppose there are three task in the WFI. The first task is to create a document, the second task is the approve the document, the third task is to E-mail the document.
After creation of the document I need it to be approved a.s.a.p. The user that does the approval has of course his own tasks, so the newly created approval-task must be presented in the top of his tasklist.

One way to accomplish this would be the create these tasks for a separate "approval-user". But then users will have to switch tasklist for different tasklist-users, which makes it even easier to forget.

Is there any way to have influence on the sortorder of tasks?
Is there something like a priority mechanism?

Unfortunately there is no priority mechanism in tasks. Alternatively you could try to use the expiration date of the task, so that if task is expired, you can perform different actions (like creating the task for another user, or sending an e-mail).

Hi Wagner,

A few days ago I've created a feature request for this. It isn't showing in the list though.
Did you receive it?

Yes, it's updated now, you should be able to see it.

Thank you very much!