TfmTaskList very slow as the number of workflows increases

Hi Support,

We have a client that has a high volume of workflow tasks with different due dates e.g.(currently 700, legal documents and contract). Is there any optimization or design change we can make to make this list populate faster?


We have just released an updated TMS Workflow Studio with improvements in task list speed. Can you please check if it solves your issue?

Yes, thx

Hi Wagner,

Before 700 items could be displayed in about 7 sec now about 4 sec. Much better, but as this is used more speed will be an issue again. At some point we will need a longer-term solution.



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Ok, thanks for letting me know, and at least I'm glad it's almost twice as fast now. When it comes to performance issues, we really have to have the test case to profile and optimize. It's hard to guess. If you could set up environment and code and send it to us to reproduce, we can try to find the bottlenecks with proper profiling and optimize it if feasible.

Would providing a copy of our application with a sample data set work for you?

If I can easily compile it (no 3rd party components) and run it here (easy to setup, database, etc.), yes. Then also please send me the exact steps to reproduce the issue.

I could not send the code for the application. The problem is easy enough to setup you just need to create a 700 or more work for an individual and when the list is presented, you’ll see the effect well enough.

Can you send such data then, your database? That speeds up the process.