PostgeSQL data access with PostgREST API

I want to setup a software which manages Barcode-Printers driven by a web-application.
Since there's no socket-component in the WebCore to connect directly with the Printers by IP from the WebApp we want to use a raspberry PI4 running a postgreSQL database with a PostgREST API.

This PostgREST API runs also in Linux environment which XData still not do as I know at the moment.

Is there any chance to connect to the PostgREST API by WebCore? And if YES which components do I have to use?

I'm learning at the moment about WebCore from Dr. Holger Flick's book. which I appreciate very much but there's no hint to connect to REST-API's othere than from Xdata.

Nevertheless I reagard WebCore as a "rising star" and I'm looking forward to learning a lot more about it.
brgds. alex.

We have so far not yet investigated the PostgREST API 
Using the TWebHttpRequest component of the TWebRESTClient component it should be possible to use this API.
A more seamless solution could be to develop a client dataset that maps on this API. We'll consider this for future developments.

XData does support Linux environments.