Possible Bug in TTMSFNCGrid ColumnCalculation?


I've downloaded the DEMO Version of TMS FNC UI Pack. I extend the FMX ClientDataset Demo by setting FixedFooterRows := 1 and adding the following line into FormCreate :
TMSFNCGrid1.ColumnCalculation[1] := ccCount;

end an new Method for a Button:

procedure TForm130.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
  if not ClientDataSet1.Eof then

Affter executing two or three deletes the Footer shows wrong results. Is it a Bug or a mistake by myself?

ColumnCalcution is not working together with an active dataset. Please use TMSFNCGridDataBaseAdapter1.LoadAllDataAndDisconnect and then apply column calculations.

Hi Peter,

Is it possible to have an event-driven calculation for FNCGrid, on dataset mode? It would be faster to send SQL request to server, or request to XData server, instead of loading the whole data, especially when data is large with page mode.

This is unfortunately not possible. We'll write this down on our feature request list.