Possibily to hide/unhide a node

Add the possibility to hide/unhide a node AND their child too should be great (at least for me)

In what component?


Oups :frowning:

This is AdvColumnGrid, but it seems it is the same for ADvTreeView


If you expand the node, you should be able to use grid.HideRow() on main node row + child rows in TAdvColumnGrid

Hi Bruno

that's what I thought too. however, the result is totally unexpected

I joined a small project to demonstrate that.
Noeud_visible.zip (7.6 KB)

Project with a better approach is attached.
Project1.zip (55.2 KB)

Thanks for feedback

Almost ;)

When I clicked in this order on button 1 then 2 => the node id2 is empty but visible. I would prefer it to be invisible
So, not possible to see only node '1' and '3' ?

Not the Note that in the other direction (2 then 1), the result is totally different.

Perform the hiding after the grouping.


It works, but I have to change the code to hide/suppress the rows.

I joined the code to others users :

    FOR i := 1 TO 15 DO
        IF AdvColumnGrid1.IsNode(i) AND (AdvColumnGrid1.Cells[1, i] = '2') THEN
        BEGIN   // Node to hide/suppress
            AdvColumnGrid1.SuppressRows(i, i + AdvColumnGrid1.GetNodeSpan(i) - 1)

Thanks you

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